The Answer is Yes

Yes Button

Unless, of course, it would be illegal. In any other situation, I always start with yes. No is easy. The answer no usually means I don’t have to listen, don’t have to get away from my computer, and don’t have to change my plans. In short, no means I don’t have to lift a single […]

You Get One Chance

red dice of mood

Years ago, I had lunch with someone who used to work with me. We ran into each other at a conference, so I took him to lunch to talk about old times and share sea stories, because that’s what Sailors do. At one point, he said, “You know, I didn’t really like you until one […]

Bag Full of Hammers

heap of old, used hammers

I was talking with someone this week about the chicken and the egg, and it kind of hit me: the ugly side of good order and discipline is simple. Punishing bad behaviors so they won’t happen again is easy. We have a well-defined path to take individuals down. I have a bag full of hammers, […]