Be Great

It’s not enough to be told to not quit your day job. Even if it’s cliché, it still stings and is too passive to make you successful at anything. The best phrase I’ve found after a lot of struggle to find balance between today and tomorrow is this: Be great at your day job.

It’s paying your bills and feeding your family, and you’ll likely be doing it longer than you think. It deserves your respect and more energy than you might be putting into it. I know what it’s like to be certain there’s something better out there, but nothing is more important than the job you have right in front of you. Success in your day job will help you be successful when it’s time to do whatever comes next.

Success is a learned skill set, so learn how to communicate better in your organization. Interact with your peers, set goals, listen to your leadership, and through that you’ll learn the traits and habits that can make you effective in anything you choose. Don’t ignore your chance to be great at what you’re doing right now.

It’s not an either/or relationship between your day job and your dreams. You can be successful in both, but your day job deserves to come first as long as it’s paying for your time. I lost sight of this a long time ago and almost lost a good career that I came to love once I committed to being better at it. Commit to be great at your day job, and great things will start happening.

– For those who have already committed, when did you know it was time to?

– What has changed since you did?

– For those who haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

Have a a great week out there.

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James Tinker

About James Tinker

James was born and raised in Bangor, and left home at 18 for the Navy. Twenty-five years later, he retired as a Command Master Chief, the highest enlisted rank on a warship in San Diego. His popular blog series, The Day Job, shares personal and professional lessons learned through his career.